Poem For Peter Schmeichel (from a Liverpool fan)

You could have stayed

At the World Wildlife Fund

You could have let us win

Just one


Poem for Phil Neville

The lesser known

Of the Neville's

While Gary was out dancing

You stayed at home

And did the dishes

You never knew

What you were missing


Poem for Jaap Stam

Jaap Stam

The flying Dutchman

Took off like a bird

Landed like a pigeon


Poem for Dennis Irwin

You looked a bit

Like my Geography teacher

And you came from Oldham

To Manchester


Poem for Gary Neville

Anything for a quiet life

An evening in

Watching TV

Maybe catch some of Match of the Day

Or a David Beckham souffle


Poem for David Beckham

You went to L.A.

For a holiday

They've got some nice shops

And Mickey's just across the Bay

But nothing beats the Trafford Centre

On a Saturday


Poem for Nicky Butt

The Guv'nor of Gorton

The northerner of South China

The free agent of Preston


Poem for Ryan Giggs

Expert dribbler

Better than most

You used to drive your mum berserk

Dribbling all the way from Pentrebane

To Whitchurch


Poem for Roy Keane

Your reputation

Went before you

Whenever you took to the field

We were all scared You might lose it

But I always knew

You were a puppy In a wolf's skin


Poem for Paul Scholes

The little magician

Popping up where you'd least expect him

Sometimes with his head

Other times his toes

He could use anything

He was such a good technician


Poem for Andy Cole

You scored my favourite goal

Do you remember the one

The ball came in from the left

Or was it the right

One touch

And the crowd were on their feet

You blinked

And I missed it


Poem for Teddy Sherringham

Not the only

Teddy boy

You weren't to be


When Sir Alex brought out

His hair dryer

You went on the run


Poem for Alex Ferguson

We did it

We did it

Wir sind es